October 18th, 2007

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В Ульяновске начинает действовать сетевое движение «Экодозор73». За последние время на территории области экологические проблемы все больше волнуют жителей региона. И при этом с января 2019 года реализуется мусорная реформа, которая также вызывает много вопросов, как к региональным операторам, так…

Appeal about park "Vinnovskaya grove" saving

Dear colleagues!
Earnest request, to read the put file: letter-request.
If it is not too much trouble, send, please on the form of your organization the letter at the address of our local authorities: Russia, 43206З, Lenin Square, house 1, Governor of Ulyanovsk region, Morozov S.I. (fax.: +7 (8422) 41-70-20) and Russia, 432063, Ulyanovsk, Kuznetsova street, house 7, Chief of town Ulyanovsk, Ermakov S.N. (Fax.: +7 (8422) 41-40-20) approximately of the following (or other on your discretion) context:

Dear Sergei Ivanovich!
Dear Sergei Nikolaevich!

We ask you to pay attention to the demands of ecological and ethnography public of Ulyanovsk and Ulyanovsk region about inadmissible cutting of the park "Vinnovskaya grove". The mentioned park is nature preserved, historical and cultural legacy of not only now living citizens of Ulyanovsk, but of future generations of people.
Our descendants will not understand and forgive yours present-day behavior oriented on destroying, of the legacy for everybody, but not only for present-day businessmen.
We hope, that you will preserve the unique park.

P.S. Please, send the copies of your letters on our address e-mail: bragin@ok.kz

Appeal about park "Vinnovskaya grove" saving
Dear gentlemen
We appeal to you with the request to help us in the protection of "Vinnovskaya grove» - unique monument of nature, history and culture, having international significance and popularity. We ask you to use any available possibilities in order to inform Ulyanovsk local authorities about your anxiety concerning the situation around "Vinnovskaya grove".
This grove is the last in our region preserved fragment of relict forest reserve. It is lime-tree-oak forest, numbering about 280 species of plantв and serving as habitat of many animals. It is the island of old forest which escaped after cutting from the times of Simbirsk and Ulyanovsk building. In the times of Peter I "Vinnovskaya grove", together with other Volga forests was protected by the decree according to which even for one destroyed tree the capital punishment WAS stipulated. During following pre-revolutionary years this grove was strictly preserved as private protected forest reserve of Kindyakov family.
Prom 1961 "Vinnovskaya grove" was declared as specially protected natural territory thus getting the status of first regional nature monument in Ulyanovsk region. It beca me the favorite place of rest for the townspeople. Up to now the townspeople come to "Vinnovskaya grove" for spring water. But, in spite of its protective status, the grove is degrading from year to year under the onset of the builders and initiators of its development and modern cultivation.
Deathly acoustic zone formed around tennis-courts where instead of sounding earlier voices of song-thrushes and nightingale's trill-lings only the noise of working compressor, pumping the air to inflatable sports-hall is heard.
The international popularity "Vinnovskaya grove" got thanks to the life and creation of our famous fellow-townsman - the writer I.A.Goncharov».
It is necessary to carry out ecological and cultural-historical rehabilitation of "Yinnovskaya grove" in order to celebrate in a fitting manner the 200-centering jubilee of 1.A.Goncharov in 2012 year in our town and region. And we shall have the possibility to invite the guests from the whole world, becoming one of constantly functioning centers of international ethnography tourism.
It became known to us that at present "Closed joint' stock company" "AMS Group" of “Tennis Federation of Ulyanovsk" is, planning in addition to already built «hooting-range and covered tennis-courts to pla on the territory of the grove the complex of its constructions: some tennis-courts, VlP-hotel, roads for cycle-sport and biathlon, field for mini-football» volley-ball and basket-ball grounds and go on.
The construction of these objects will demand the cutting of plantations for the mentioned objects and for laying of road, landly and aerial commmications, for arranging the cars parking, These objects will be located not far from "Goncharov summer-house",
By the opinion of specialists the recreation and technical capacity of the grove is already fully exhausted. The confirmation of this fact -- stopping of native 'arboreal species /oak and lime-tree/.