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Проблема убийства животных в Ульяновске вышла на международный уровень

Stop killing of homeless animals in Ulianovsk!
target: Governor Ulyanovsk region S.Morozov and mayor of town Ulyanovsk M.Bespalova
signatures: 8,077

It is Russia calling! During 2011-12 under the municipal contract №102 from 3/30/2011 on catching and disposal of stray animals, Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Uljanovskdorremservis" has killed thousands of stray dogs and cats in Ulyanovsk, Russia. For this purpose the organization uses a prohibited in many countries drug called Adilin, as well as animal poison, they shoot animals with pneumatic guns with Adilin. After the injection of Adilin the animal dies slowly and painfully in about an hour, while still remaining conscious. People says,that this organization kill animals with anover ways too...

In 2011 3 279 000 rubles (about $100 000) was allocated from the local budget for murders of animals. In 2012 the murders proceed again! Everyone knows that murders of animals are inhumane, inefficient and may cause severe ecological and epidemiological problems.

This is a big trouble for our city. Since January, 2011 Law №157-30 on humane treatment of neglected animals has come into effect in the Ulyanovsk region. There is also Bylaw № 467-P on rules of catching of stray animals. According to Article 230 and 231 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, homeless animals, or the property which does not have the owner, should be kept by the municipality for 6 months or until the owner is found. In other words, caught stray animals should live in a shelter for 6 months, at the same time the city currently has no municipal shelter (in city budget in 2013,14,15 year don't plan to put money for creation of a municipal shelter), so it becomes obvious that the City of Ulyanovsk violates the Civil Code. Both laws and bylaws are constantly violated, but this fact is ignored. All civilized cities of the world use spaying as a method to control the number of animals, not murders! We want our city to be civilized! less

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